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Spa Starter Chemical Kit - Canadian Spa Co.

Spa Starter Chemical Kit - Canadian Spa Co.

Brand: Pool Compass Inc.

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Start up Chemical Kit, perfect for new spa owners.


  • Canadian Spa Company “Chlorine Granules”  - Kills harmful bacteria in your spa. Suitable for manual daily dosing. TIP: The pH MUST be within 7.2 - 7.6 for this sanitizer to work.
  • Canadian Spa Company “Alkalinity Booster”  - Helps to protect your spa's heater element, jets, and other parts against corrosion.
    TIP: Using this product regularly could save you a fortune in repair bills that are often not covered under warranty.

  • Canadian Spa Company “pH Up”- Increases pH in spa to maintain an ideal chemical balance.  TIP: Use when your pH is below 7.2

  • Canadian Spa Company “pH Down” - Reduces pH in spa to maintain an idea chemical balance. TIP: Use when pH is above 8.0

  • Canadian Spa Company “Test Strips” – 50 pack - Ensure your spa is always safe to use. Simply dip a test strip into the water and compare to the colour chart to take readings for: Chlorine, pH & Alkalinity. TIP: Chlorine and pH should be checked EVERY TIME the spa is used to ensure that the water is safe to use!

Video: Hot Tub Chemical Start up Guide 

$85.99 CAD
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