Service Division

Welcome to our Service Division, where your pool, spa, and water features are treated to the utmost care.

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Why choose us for your pool or spa service?

Our range of professional services is designed to maintain and enhance your aquatic oasis. Our dedicated team ensures that your pool, spa, and water features remain in excellent condition year-round.
  • Equipment Repairs:

    When your pool or spa equipment needs attention, you can rely on us for expert repairs. Our skilled technicians are adept at diagnosing and fixing equipment issues, ensuring that your pool and spa continue to operate smoothly.

  • Replacement Accessories / Lights:

    Refresh and upgrade your pool and spa with our selection of replacement accessories and lights. From energy-efficient LED lights to practical and stylish accessory replacements, we have the solutions to elevate your aquatic experience.

  • Deck Preparation:

    A well-maintained deck is crucial for the safety and aesthetics of your pool and spa area. Our deck preparation services ensure that your surfaces are clean, slip-resistant, and ready for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Refinishing & Restoration:

    Renew the beauty of your pool, spa, and water features with our refinishing and restoration services. Whether it's addressing worn surfaces, faded finishes, or replacing old liners, our team is skilled in bringing back the luster and allure of your aquatic haven.