Our Mission

Our Mission

At Pool Compass Inc., it is our mission to deliver quality work & premium products through a seamless and efficient customer service experience. Our team is dedicated to sustainability & growth, by leveraging the latest technology and adopting eco-conscious solutions in the Pool & Spa market. Pool Compass Inc. strives to continuously improve and redefine the way we work in, earn and develop our business.

Our Brand Promise:

  1. Deliver an exemplary customer service experience.
  2. Continuous investment in research, marketing, and new products
  3. Secure IT Infrastructure for online shopping and payment transactions
  4. Adherence to fair market value for products and services
  5. Continuous investment in employee training and professional development
  6. Maintain + improve quality assurance through continuous feedback & support
  7. Develop an eco-conscious business culture through funding campaigns and adoption of carbon reduction solutions in our daily business practices.


Pool Compass Inc. has a vision to lead the Pool & Spa industry through well-established, systematic operating procedures. We plan to apply these proven procedures to future company acquisitions, growing our client base and expanding our product/service offerings to support the needs of the market. With increased growth, we will repeat and refine our processes across Western Canada with a franchise-esqué movement. As a reputable brand/company with strong partnerships, we shall use this foundation to create a global presence in the online sales market. With consistent investment in charity + community + valuable content, we believe our loyal client and supplier relationships will serve as a conduit for Pool Compass Inc. to become leaders in the Pool & Spa consumer market across Canada.

Core Values

Pool Compass Inc. is committed to our core values of delivering efficient client care, robust systems, continued education, and investment in innovation + technology.

  • Strategic & Operational Priorities

    1. Secure & retain qualified staff (customer service + IT + industry experts) 

    2. Establish business partnerships who are invested in supporting our mission. 

    3. Research & invest in eco-conscious solutions + sustainability initiatives. 

    4. Improve processes to maintain exemplary customer service reputation. 

    5. Leverage technology and automation to better serve our customers 

  • Leadership Commitment

     1. We promise to support others – practice empathy, build trust, inspire growth & development 

    2. We strive to solve problems effectively – gather information, analyze and consider all factors 

    3. We operate with strong results focus – ensure decisions align with vision and objectives 

    4. We seek out different prospectives – monitor trends, change management, address concerns