About Us

Dareck Wiesner - President, Service & Operations

Raised in Ladner BC with a love for the outdoors and now raising a family of his own, Dareck has invested the majority of his working career specializing in the Pool and Spa care industry. With a passion for Entrepreneurship and innovation, came the inception of Pool Compass Inc. in 2021. 

As an initial business plan, Dareck's knowledge of the efficiency gaps in the industry led him to invest in digital technology & software solutions to improve operations and minimize the carbon footprint in every facet of the business. The foundation, combined with quality service & premium products has proven successful for the exponential growth of Pool Compass Inc. in a short time. 

"We all have a part in saving our planet and we appreciate that our customers join us in the initiative when they invest in our services. With our early adoption of eco-conscious solutions & digital technology to better serve our customers, combined with ongoing charitable funding contributions towards Ocean clean up efforts, I am confident our team is on the right path in building a sustainable tomorrow."

Jhanine Camp – Managing Partner, Sales & Administration

Jhanine Camp has made South Delta her home for the past 30+ years with her family.  She has spent the majority of her working career specializing in Executive Sales & Business Management within the HVAC & Construction Service industry.  Partnering together with her brother Dareck at Pool Compass Inc. has established a dynamic skill set for an efficient management team to make a business successful. 


“Our business is rather new; however, the combined extensive experience within our team sustains our ability to develop and maintain excellence in every corner of our business from quality staff and products to service excellence and business processes.  Our motivation for continuous growth and improvement is solidified by our passion to help others efficiently and improve the world, one pool at a time.”

More About Us

At Pool Compass Inc. we are committed to giving you our expert opinion and our best quality work. We believe in building a close relationship with our clients so they feel comfortable welcoming us to their home and hearing any advice we may have. We have many connections for bigger service work such as pool builds, restoration and backyard renovations that we’d love to share with you if that is something you’re looking for. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to recovering our oceans and our world overall. We hope to share in that passion with you. Learn more about our mission below and visit our services page to get a brief overview and to book a service plan that’s convenient for you. Thank you for your trust in Pool Compass Inc. We look forward to assisting you further.

Pollution Statistics

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic, a weight of close to 269,000 tons, are found to be littering our world’s oceans today. More than a million seabirds and over 100,000 marine mammals die every year from plastic. Small micro-plastic particles are found in our seafood, commercial beers, wines and bottled waters and researchers recently found micro-plastic particles that had traveled through the atmosphere like rain or water particles. Over 220 million tons of plastic is produced each year, our habit of fast consumerism gives these companies a business to keep mass producing plastic. Recovery is possible if we all work together to help save our home.

Our Ocean Clean up Contributions

2021 Contributions = 98 LBS 
2022 Contributions = 110 LBS 
2023 Contributions = 334 LBS 
Total Contributions to date = 542 LBS 

Equivalency in debris: Approx. 585,600 plastic straws or
Approx. 16,900 aluminum cans or Approx. 12,300 plastic pop bottles 

Check out this great video from 4Ocean to understand a bit more about the purpose behind our mission.