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Regal Ph Minus 900ml

Regal Ph Minus 900ml

Brand: Regal

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Regal pH Minus (Citric Acid) is a revolutionary product for spas. It is a gel and odourless pH reducer which acts rapidly in hot water.

Use Instructions: 

Maintain recommended levels as determined by water test  Sprinkle measured amount of pH Minus liquid as needed to achieve recommended levels. 

Ideal Level of pH is 7.2-7.8


Spa must be running before adding pH Minus Liquid 

If Water test indicates pH is higher than 7.8, add 60ml of pH Plus liquid per 1000Litres of spa water to lower pH by 0.4

Wait 15 mins and recheck pH level.  Repeat treatment until pH reaches recommended levels.  

Check pH levels regularly and make adjustments as needed. 

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$18.99 CAD
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