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Regal Calcium Plus 8kg

Regal Calcium Plus 8kg

Brand: Regal

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Regal Calcium Plus (Calcium Chloride). Addition of this product will help protect plumbing, equipment and pools surface. Helps prevent staining with proper use. Proper calcium levels are a key component to water balance.


To achieve maximum balance of pool water, your pool water's calcium hardness should be between 200 - 300 parts per million (ppm). 

  1. Check calcium hardness using a testing kit. The ideal recommended level is 200-300 ppm. 
  2. To increase calcium hardness by 10 ppm, dissolve in a bucket of water 120 g of Regal Calcium Plus per 10,000 L of swimming pool water. 
  3. Add mixture to pool water. 
  4. Check calcium hardness levels regularly and make necessary adjustments. 

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$34.99 CAD
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