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Summer Smiles Ice Away Pool Piping Antifreeze 4L

Summer Smiles Ice Away Pool Piping Antifreeze 4L

Brand: Summer Smiles

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Summer Smiles 4L Ice Away Antifreeze for Pool Piping protects pool pipes and equipment during the winter season from swelling, bursting or breaking due to freezing down to -51°C.

Application Instructions: 

After lowering or draining the pool water, disconnect the pump and filter, and add ICE AWAY according to the recommended dosage.  Pour the undiluted ICE AWAY into the pool piping through the skimmer and return lines until the colored antifreeze pours out of the return outlets.  Your return lines are now ready to be plugged for winterizing.  Be sure to treat all lines and equipment. 

Disclaimer:  Pool Compass Inc. is not responsible for damages resulting from improper winterizing procedures with use of this product.

Safety Data Sheet

$14.99 CAD
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